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Email Marketing

Marketing Metrics Cedar Park
Email Marketing

The best way to Keep Recurring Revenue

ROI for Email marketing can potentially be 4200%
50% of people buy from marketing emails at least once per month.
We focus on Email Marketing because it drives conversions! In fact Email Marketing is the MOST effective marketing channel to drive ROI for your business. 

Email Marketing can yield 4200% return on investment for businesses. 

That's right! If you spend $1 one Email Marketing you will likely see $42 in return!

It works because of highly personalized and pertinent messages. Unlike social media, where you can send status updates to all of your followers regardless of their location, interests, or purchase history, email allows you to be hyper-targeted with your communications.

How it Works

Your benefits of email marketing

Start getting more returns from past customers/inquiries
We will help start collecting emails from interested customers
If you don't already have an email list no problem! We have several ways to start growing your email list today!

Once we have a significant database established we will create a campaign that will kick your business into OVERDRIVE! We will do all the heavy lifting of running  successful email marketing campaigns for your business.

 Just sit back and watch the conversions happen!
Marketing MetricsEmail Marketing wit Argent Foundry
Frequently asked questions

Common Questions

Is sending emails going to help my business?
Yes! Every time you can communicate with past or interested customers you are a step ahead of your competitors. There aren't many excuses to not be sending regular email campaigns. 
How much is Email Marketing?
Email Marketing with Argent Foundry will vary in price. We have plans starting at only $180 per month.
How many newsletters should I send per month?
This will vary according to your industry. We will help you discover how many newsletters would work best for you.
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