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How to convert your website visitors into leads without doing anything at all

Isn't it frustrating to have a lot of website visitors who don't buy your service?

If you could convert your website visitors into leads without buying email lists or making a lead magnet, would you give it a try?

Learn more about the benefits of setting up Magic eMail:

✔️ It saves you time because you are not focusing on collecting emails which means you can put more effort into your nurture campaigns.

✔️ The setup is effortless so that you can start right away which means you can start getting leads today.

✔️ Start making money faster by growing your list in a fraction of the time which means you can grow your business faster.

We’ve all heard of building an email list buying lists and lead magnets.

The problem with buying a list is that the contacts are not engaged. Cold lists of emails that you buy or acquire through sweepstakes will be mostly dead leads.

And the problem with lead magnets is that it takes time, research, and effort to put together an effective lead magnet that will transform your leads into paying clients.

Magic eMail is a service that converts 30% of your website visitors into leads even if they only visited your website once.

Convert website visitors into leads with Magic eMail

You are getting all that traffic on your website but not a lot of clients. 🤔 So you should learn more about Magic eMail.

Magic eMail is our proven method of retargeting with a result-driven approach. With the help of Magic eMail, you can easily identify the anonymous traffic on your website.

Not just this, with Magic eMail, you get a feature where you can extract the email addresses of all these anonymous users. The good thing about this Magic eMail is that it can be easily installed in the script of your website pages.  

The ultimate goal of every website and eCommerce business is to convert as many sales as possible and email retargeting is a great tactic to do it. 

Magic eMail is the cheapest, simplest, and even the most reliable service you can use to collect emails from quality leads.

As mentioned before, it is very simple to install the Magic eMail which makes it even more appealing. 

How does Magic eMail work?

Once you install the script onto your web page, it starts to pull information from the database of around 300 million opted-in emails. Once the information is collected, it then connects these unknown visitors to the robust profile that includes fields like - name, email, postal address, and more.

How is that done?

Magic eMail cross-checks every anonymous visitor coming to the website to the rich customer profiles. This is done in 2 simple steps:

#1 - Identification that transforms website visitors into leads

Magic eMail use cookies to identify the visitor to the website. Additionally, it also use a cross-device ID verification system for the same, increasing the overall efficiency of the process.

#2 - A Contact Database

Magic eMail, as mentioned before has a huge database that contains millions of records and is generating more records day by day. This is another part that helps in identifying and completing the database for your potential client.

The next question that might come to your mind is - How does the Code Snippet Work?

The code snippet is very easy and convenient to add to your website. All you have to do is ask your developer to add the Javascript Code Snippet to the webpage from where you want to collect emails.

Argent Foundry How to convert website visitors into leads
Argent Foundry How to convert website visitors into leads

Effective service to transform website visitors into leads

Here are some features of Magic eMail that make it “Magic”:

Activity-Based Data Cleansing

Another highlight of Magic eMail is that it also includes Activity-Based Data Cleansing. This means that the data collected and sent only includes the information of people who are clickers and openers within the last 14 days. This improves the quality of the database and also makes it more efficient.

Real-Time Campaign Activation

Be it any CRM or CDP service that you are using, this Magic eMail can easily and seamlessly connect with it through a one-click integration feature. With Magic eMail, you can easily segment the subscribers by behavior, and depending on that you can choose which email is to be sent.

Why should you use Magic eMail?

Now that you have understood how Magic eMail works, let’s get to the much more exciting part - What are the benefits of Magic eMail?

Let’s get straight to it.

✔️ Magic eMail is a cost-saving solution since, with this; you no longer have to invest in Lead capturing software, tools, or forms.

✔️ We all know how much time it takes to strategize lead-capturing campaigns like webinars, freebie campaigns, and more. With Magic eMail, you no longer have to spend your time on that.

✔️ Get a fresh approach and vision to your email-retargeting campaign and watch your database grow.

✔️ A Complete White-hat solution to your email marketing and lead capturing process.

✔️ The easy implementation adds to its feature-full bucket. All you have to do is insert a Magic Code, and it will do the rest.

✔️ Integrates with all the leading email marketing platforms and CRMs.

✔️ The database of Magic eMail is exponentially growing every day, giving it maximum accuracy.

Start converting your website visitors into leads today

With Magic eMail installed on your website, you can make sure that no prospect leaves your website without subscribing. Once subscribed, you can easily follow through with your email marketing programs.

There is no commitment with Magic eMail so you are free to set up and try it for a month or so and see how it plays out for your business. But when you see your list of leads growing, why would you cancel it, right? 😉

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