4 Reasons Why InMotion Hosting may be good for you.

Choosing the right hosting for your website is an important decision that can get overwhelming with so many options to choose from. It is easy to find yourself lost in thousands of reviews and not knowing what to do, right? Here is my personal experience with the hosting that I chose for myself, InMotion.

1-Cost friendly

I’ve been making websites for myself and other people for some time. Generally entrepreneurs are just getting started and looking for an affordable way to have an online presence. I found providers like BlueHost, and HostGator, etc.. to have good cost and customer service, but can end up being slow to load pages and limiting. On the other hand InMotion offers affordable shared hosting with being too crowded.


Even though InMotion isn't a super popular name in web hosting, it offers a wide range of products and services to help you get started with your website or online shop. From hosting to website builder tools, InMotion has everything that you expect from a hosting provider. InMotion is a WordPress friendly website hosting provider. It is simple to set up and maintain one or more websites. There are a variety of plans that are surely worth a look for anyone in the market.

3-Customer Support

The attendants at InMotion are available 24h/day. No matter if you are a web developer or a website owner wanting to check if a plug-in is messing up your website, InMotion attendants are always friendly, answer your questions, run tests, fix issues and walk you through the technicalities over the phone. And - my favorite - when you call customer support the attendants do not try to up-sell all kinds of plans that you don't need just because you don’t understand. Their customer service is very straightforward and handy. Sometimes the wait time on the phone can take a few minutes longer than some of the big names like Hostgator or BlueHost, but they will always answer.

4-User experience

InMotion has lots of reasons to choose them over the competitors. In my experience, it has great speed when compared to the other shared hosting providers already mentioned. When I first started using InMotion I was blown away by the difference in speed.

We know for a fact that users spend more time in websites with fast load times, a very important factor for smaller businesses that are just starting to build their brand and want visitor retention.

Additionally, when choosing InMotion you are more likely to avoid hidden pitfalls like getting stuck with a spammy IP address that can have many hidden repercussions that make your job difficult when implementing SEO or Email Marketing tools. For instance, if you use tools like SEM Rush you really want to avoid dealing Indurance International products i.e. (BlueHost, Hostgator etc.) as they intentionally block SEM Rush crawlers from their IP’s. This is super frustrating especially if you are paying 100+ dollars a month for SEM Rush and then you find out you cant even use it because the site you're trying to audit is using BlueHost!

In my experience thus far I have not run into any issues like this with InMotion. The websites I build in WordPress that are hosted in InMotion have great loading time and clean IP’s.

InMotion has been great for me, never had any problems with them so far.
I totally recommend InMotion Hosting. Look through their pricing and packages or try it for yourself and see what I am talking about.

* This post contains affiliate links. I feel comfortable with the product or service I refer to you here and I don’t mind making a small commission if you click on the link. Hope you feel the same. Thanks.

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