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Guaranteed leads

Get 15 Calls a Month With Our MAP Guarantee

Maximize, Advertisements, and Pages is our method to get your phone ringing non-stop! 
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Argent Foundry MAP Guarantee
Web MAP Guarantee

Get at least 15 calls per month guaranteed!

We guarantee to bring you at least 15 qualified leads every month. You only pay after you’ve gotten the leads.
Because we guarantee a significant boost in your business, we prescreen our partners before getting started. For example, we need to verify that your business can handle the additional clients and someone on your team will be available to promptly respond to the leads we send.
If you’re not too busy to handle more leads, let’s schedule a call so you can see how our MAP guarantee will help your business.
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Argent Guarantee Maximize
Trusted by Google
The first step in our MAP package is to Maximize your Google Business Profile. It starts with a full audit to make sure your profile is in top working order. Once your profile is correct, we will begin to feed it a steady stream of images and posts, allowing it to rise to the top of search results

Finally, we give it a shot of adrenaline by creating an automated system that brings in consistent customer reviews. This is the secret sauce to giving your Google Business Profile the ultimate ranking power to be number one.
Get your Google profile to work for you and not against you
Start getting 5-Star reviews coming in steadily for ultimate ranking power
Stop losing reviews from customers who say they will leave one but they forget
Get to #1 in Google Maps search and blow your competition away


97% of consumers use search engines or social media sites when they're looking for your service! That is why the A in our MAP system stands for Advertising. The best way to get your phone ringing is to advertise your business! This means that you need to be running marketing campaigns that will reach the right people at the right time! That is exactly what we do at Argent Foundry. We make sure that you are being discovered by the right people who are ready for your service!
Be found by your target market when they are ready to buy
Get your phone ringing with our tried and true ad strategies
Stop letting your competitors steal all your clients
Argent Guarantee Advertisements
Find new clients


Argent Guarantee Pages
Pages with Purpose
In order for your ads and profile to be successful, you need to have the right offer when people arrive on your page. Also, you need to have the right call-to-action. As you might have guessed the P in our MAP system stands for Pages
We will build your new site with pages with the purpose of getting calls, collecting emails, filling out forms, scheduling and more.
On top of all this your site is going to load fast, look amazing and make your competition jealous.
Create a website that will bring you business
Stop considering web designers who create useless pages that serve no purpose
Get a fast-loading, SEO-friendly website that looks even better on mobile
Stop handing free business to your competion
Local Business

"They are dedicated to making sure they are doing everything to help grow and evolve our business in the most efficient and cost-effective ways." -
Kim K. (Chiki Buttah Products)

Argent Foundry Cedar Park Web Design and Marketing Team
Who we are

We Get Results For Local Businesses

Hi there, we are Jon and Bianca and we are Argent Foundry. Together we work with a select variety of local businesses to bring them Amazing Results! 
50% increase in website sales for local food delivery
Achieved 87 5-Star Reviews in 2 Months for local Doctor 
Achieved Page 1 on Google for a local CBD retailer
Generated over $100K in Email Marketing Campaigns in 2022 alone 
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Google Reviews

What Our Clients Are Saying

Argent Foundry MAP Guarantee
Diana Casarez
Diana Casarez
We are a small growing company (iPainFree LLC) trying to learn social media as an advertisement tool (very challenging). After hiring different companies with very little to no success we were referred to Argent Foundry Web Technologies by a satisfied client of theirs. We are extremely happy to say that Bianca and Jon have been a blessing to our company in helping us grow. They are so patient and professional having great communication with us. They have won our trust and confidence 100%. We highly recommend them to anyone looking to expand their business.
Cara Gluck
Cara Gluck
Jon built the website for the organization I work for, and we have kept him on retainer to help us with adding on elements to our site and to troubleshoot any issues that come up. He is always very responsive, great to work with, and knowledgeable.
Jenny Thomas
Jenny Thomas
We hired Jon for a website redesign and have kept him on retainer for maintenance and the occasional troubleshooting. He is friendly, communicative, customer-focused, and responsive. We feel more confident having him on our team!
Anna Paula Alves
Anna Paula Alves
Thank you Jon and Bianca for making an awesome sports portfolio website for my son! The website received a lot of compliments! The custom design looks amazing!
Arthur de Carvalho
Arthur de Carvalho
Jon and Bianca created a wonderful portfolio website for me. My website is fast and mobile responsive. I am now able to show my abilities in the best way with my athlete website. And I keep getting a lot of compliments on the web design you made for me! Thank you Jon and Bianca for creating an awesome website for me!
Caring Citizen. Small Biz Owner
Caring Citizen. Small Biz Owner
I went shopping for website services, asking many questions of providers. Argent was my top choice. I want to thank Jon & Bianca for excellent work, their honesty, integrity, and for being alert to solutions, ways for my firm to be found and to serve more people. Nice work!
Kristine Traylor
Kristine Traylor
I was helping a friend get a website created for his small business and was referred to Argent Foundry. They are an easy and helpful company to work with. Very knowledgeable and they were always quickly available to answer questions. Both my friend and I are extremely excited about the website they designed! It will no doubt take this small business to the next level. I highly recommend them!
MAP Guarantee

Hop on our calendar and get your business on the MAP!

Take your business to the next level! Find out if our MAP service is a good fit for your business. 

Does a minimum of 15 calls a month sound good?

With our MAP guarantee we take all the risk so you don't have to! There is nothing to lose.

Start getting 5-Star reviews coming in steadily for ultimate ranking power

Thats right. We are going to make it rain reviews! Before long you will be way ahead of your competition! 

Buy a website that will generate revenue 

You don't need a digital business card. You need a site with pages that brings you business! Most Web designers won't tell you this because they want to sell you an expensive SEO package!
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Argent Foundry Cedar Park Web Design and Marketing Team
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