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We are Argent Foundry and we offer web design in central Texas and beyond. Our consultancy is tailored for business owners who want all the amazing results the Internet can bring without being overwhelmed by implementing the technology on their own. At Argent Foundry we help our clients to strategize on the best results and put the game plan in action.

Our services help you clarify your business goals and get a bigger picture of what you need to attract clients online using proven industry-leading strategies.

We are your one-stop shop for business & digital marketing consultancy that will increase your revenue and give you the creative freedom to run your business.

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We guarantee 100% stress free web design services. Remove the guessing and get a website aligned with your industry’s needs. Having an effective online presence is crucial to the success of your business. We will deliver a beautifully crafted website you’ll love and responsive to whatever kind of device users are viewing from.
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What good is a website if it's not presenting itself to people? If you don’t monitor and measure performance, your website will easily fall out of line with your business goals. By adding our SEO to your package you will obtain free website traffic and improve your return on investment. We will help you with a bundle of services that include your Business Listings, On & Off-Page SEO Strategies and more.
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We cut through the noise and junk, and deliver an email marketing strategy to your customers that they will be excited to open and click through. Sit back while the automated processes welcome, retarget and engage with your audience. A strategic email blast schedule with high deliverability will certainly help your business grow.

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Our service is within the highest standards of security and reliability. You will have a fast website and a backup of all your data. We will take care of your tech needs and you will have full access and ownership of your website. Need to change? We migrate your data in a reliable and hassle-free way.

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Stress Free

Whether you are looking for web design in central Texas or marketing in California. You will not have to worry about managing complex hurdles on your own. Sit back and relax while we take care of maintenance and other ongoing tasks. You wont need to worry about updating any images, text or even adding new content. Our team is standing by and always willing to keep your account up to date and functioning optimally.
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  • Denise S.

    "We have worked with Argent Foundry for over two years and WOW we have been so buzzed about the responsiveness and quality of their product!"
  • Roberto M.

    "Something I really appreciate is the commitment they show, the seriousness with which they carry out their work and the promptness with which they act. Thank you for being part of my dream and for making it yours too."
  • Laura G.

    “ Jon is awesome. I had an issue that tech support said they couldn’t help me with. Jon had it fixed in under an hour… over the phone while he was shopping.”
  • Malissa S.

    “ Argent Foundry is an amazing company to work with. They are very knowledgeable in web design & marketing. ”
  • Nikki S.

    “ Argent Foundry is
    almost done with our website and they are fabulous to work with! thanks, y'all. ”


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