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3 Tips To Increase Website Conversion Rates For Your Business


When was the last time you considered your website conversion rate?

Even if you have a decent number of website visits, are you converting your website visitors into buyers?

There’s a new approach for business owners to increase sales from website visits and get in front of leads without spending lots of money on ads.

Learn How To Measure Your Rates In Order To Increase Website Conversion

When we talk about conversion rates, these are some types of conversions that a business owner is looking for:

  • Online sale 
  • Business calls
  • Digital assets download
  • Newsletter sign-ups
  • Site engagement

This is how you calculate your conversion rate:

The number you get is the percentage.

For example, if your website generated 21 business calls out of 760 visitors, your conversion rate is 2%. 

If your conversion rate is not enough to achieve your revenue goals, it’s time to use strategies to grow this number.

Strategy 1

Increase Website Conversion With Better Website Page Scores

Kudos to all business owners who invested on a great website, with dynamic features, and a sales funnel going on - and are getting those clicks!👏

Does your page take more than 3 seconds to load? Do you even know how long it takes your page to load? How can I improve my page load times?

These are all questions you should be asking yourself or your web developer.

In order to discover how long your page takes to load go to , type in your website and run the test. This test will show you your load time and performance. The load time (largest contentful paint) should be under 3 seconds. 

Fixing the top issues is how you improve the score. Having an “A” score is vital not only to the user experience but also for your SEO. More and more Google is putting emphasis on page speed as a metric as a ranking factor in its search engine. This in turn will affect your conversion rates. 

We encourage you to ask anyone you may be considering to build or maintain your business' website to take a look at the GTMetrix. A lot of times designers don't pay attention to this which results in a less than optimal website. 

A website page with good Performance (Speed), Accessibility, and on-site SEO Best Practices will help increase your conversion rate.

Strategy #2

Increase Website Conversion With Our Magic Mailer

If you know you could grow your business by collecting emails, how much longer would you keep doing nothing?

I am sure we all have heard at some point that building an email list and sending newsletters is an effective online marketing strategy. Your business can benefit from retargeting an email list of people who are genuinely interested in your service. So the focus should be to grow an email list, and with a low cost per email. 

There are several ways to collect emails for your business, ranging from pop-ups, ads, incentives, etc. We discovered a way to help business owners gather emails without doing anything. 😲

But we are not referring to sweepstakes and some other pie in the sky ways to grow an email list. It's called the Magic Mailer Method and it allows businesses to effortlessly capture emails while integrating easily with any platform they are already using.

The Magic Mailer Method is an exciting strategy to target and nurture people who are interested in your services. It engages with people who anonymously showed interest in your services and it is a consistent way to retarget and convert. The Magic Mailer Method is one of the most effective ways to grow a list of leads and skyrocket your website conversion rate

All in all, it is important to be collecting emails and putting them in an email flow that drives people to take action. Doing this in a cost effective way is ideal for increasing website conversions.

Strategy #3

Nurture Campaigns Are Great To Increase Website Conversion

As we mentioned above, you want to put a system in place to collect emails (and phone numbers) of past clients and leads on your website.  Getting these emails and phone numbers is only half the battle. Furthermore, what you do with them is the money maker. So now it’s time to retarget these leads with nurture campaigns to see your conversion rates go through the roof.

A nurture campaign is a type of marketing campaign that is typically used to generate leads, increase sales and provide customer support. It's often a step in between an acquisition campaign and a retention campaign.

Nurture campaigns are important because they help turn leads into customers and help retain customers by providing them with the information they need to feel confident in your product or service.

Nurture campaigns can be found in many different forms, including email marketing, social media posts and blog posts. You can engage your leads with different pieces of content, such as: 

  • Answer questions
  • Share a trend in your niche
  • Teach something
  • Share your top 3 list (like this one!)
  • Share an incentive (promo code, sale or even a gift)

This is a solid strategy to transform all those website visits into gold. Here’s a screenshot of one of our clients and the revenue that nurturing campaigns bring.

You can nurture your leads by putting them in an email flow or an SMS campaign. From a cost perspective, email marketing is cheaper than SMS. Another difference is that rules for retargeting leads by email are more lenient than SMS. Both are effective nurturing strategies if executed right.


Your website needs visits but it also needs to be profitable. Consider the strategies suggested in this article to flip the script and  increase your website conversion rates. Your business will certainly be more profitable after you step up your conversion rates game.

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