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5 digital marketing strategies for 2022

The disruption caused in the marketing scenario post covid will transform 2020 into the year that really pushed digital transformation. Businesses that transitioned their services to using online tools are the ones staying afloat. If you are not satisfied with where your business stands with digital trends, here is a list to help you get started with your digital strategy.

1- Start small but fast

Overcome the stagnation of not being inserted in the tech scenario and get started. Rethink your structure to go digital. Of course, it takes several months to make the transformation happen. But it only takes a couple hours to decide on a concept, choose a couple cloud-based solutions and softwares and begin the change. A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step so find some time to catch up with digital trends in your niche.

2- Adapt or die

Marketers are trying to adapt to the online scenario in covid time covid and data shows us that organic traffic is actually low in most industries. This is the importance of being fearless and thinking outside the box.

Certain industries like retail and hospitality got hit hard. Nevertheless, entrepreneurs discovered opportunities by swerving the nature of their business  - e.g. fast food changing to a delivery business, retail changing into e-commerce, catering company changing to meals delivery. Companies that are rethinking their former processes and a digital marketing strategy to advertise these innovations are staying afloat. Some examples of digital marketing are: email marketing, email marketing automation, SEO, social media and more.

Diversify your products, the use of your products and the way you deliver them - and spread the news to the world on the internet.  

Define your value proposition - what are you delivering to your customers that anybody else does? Sales is service. You are making your clients a favor in providing a service that will change their lives. Sell them this idea.

Set a clear target audience. Get clear on who you serve and what will surprise them!

In short, make a plan, choose your digital marketing methods to spread your message.

3- Invest on an e-commerce website

As sales gravitate away from in-person to e-commerce, entrepreneurs who have digital sales on check are surviving the crisis. Shift your Marketing investments to Digital Marketing as a new way to drive customers to purchase via their websites and apps. 

A recent research has revealed that almost half (46%) of all B2B purchases are now made via e-commerce channels, indicating a need for more active online sales strategies. Email marketing, social media groups, setting up Google Business can help your business be found by customers.

Having a website won't guarantee you business. You need to promote your website on different platforms otherwise nobody knows it exists. Help your website do the job by keeping it alive, with new content, add value to your customers with tips, tricks, videos and social media posts. Advertise your website on your social media , send out email with promotions and feed your Google Business profile to get leads that will buy from your online store.

Woocommerce for WordPress is a great platform for e-commerce but there is a learning curve to it. Find a web designer that can help you.

4-Automate as much possible

Educate yourself with tools and softwares that can help you automate your sales funnel, awareness-interest, decision and action! Most of the tools have a free version that you should definitely try.

Use social media to create awareness

An active social media will boost your website ranking. Keep your social media alive - you can plan a month of social media posts in some hours by using Canva. And with Hootsuite automation you can schedule all your posts. Both softwares are very easy  and intuitive to use!

Send emails to create interest

Cloud based softwares like Mailchimp will upgrade your email marketing campaigns, look professional and make your job simple. There are tons of videos on YouTube that can teach you how to use this automation. Send automated campaigns to help the customer make a decision. Follow up and stay in touch.

Help your customers take action

Have a landing page for e-commerce so that your customer can make the purchase with just a click. Make it personalized and possible for people to shop online.

5-Grow your email list

Some people rely on social media and on a huge list of followers to promote their business. Social media is a great way to reach an audience but you don't own Facebook, Instagram, Twitter etc.  What if one day they disappear or what if they start charging for their services, for their groups and posts? How are you gonna keep in touch with your people?

You don’t control social media but one thing you control is your email list.Your email list is a guarantee that you can get in touch with the right people on a regular basis.

Also, email is still the favorite way people like to be reached out. My rule of thumb is - Don't send only sales emails. Send 80% free content and things that will add value to your mailing list and and 20% sales emails. Build relationship with your audience.

But… I don't have an audience yet! 

Some suggestions:

Add a pop-up to your website or a landing page connected to a social media post with a promotion or something for free in exchange for the person’s email.

Offering something for free that adds value such as an online freebie, an opt-in, a workshop, a downloadable checklist or a promotional 15% off  in exchange of the person's email, you will grow your email list. 

Find many more ideas here.

In conclusion, marketers underestimated the ability of people to learn and change behaviors. It is probably true that buying digitally may be a permanent switch as customers have now learned out of necessity a new mechanism for dining , buying, hanging out online etc. Therefore, entrepreneurs have to adapt too.

Entrepreneurship is a path full of challenges. Keep an open mind for digital marketing and start your strategy today. I’m sure you will see results.

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